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Donate monthly and help us change the lives of many in the holy city of Karbala.  


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Ali Dina Datoo Donar

There is no bigger charity in Karbala than IHDRF

Zahra Mousawi Donar

I donate monthly and don't have to worry about my sadqa.

Hydar Tamimi Donar

I donate to the water campaign as I can’t always be in karbala during arbaeen.

Laila Sajad Donar

I was an orphan so giving back means alot to me.

Mustafa Al Asadi Donar

IHDRF has some of the most unique and innovative projects.

Hawrah Al Musawi Donar

Imam Sadiq says that charity removes so many calamities, so I try to donate regularly.

    Support Us

    £ 10.00 /Month

    £10 will provide 6 boxes of water for the pilgrims of Arbaeen who walk to Imam Hussein

    Support Us

    £ 20.00 /Month

    £20 will provide a family of 4 food essentials such as rice, bread, oil, dates, vegetables and meat.

    Support Us

    £ 50.00 /Month

    £50 will provide a box of 50 books to be used by orphans students in libraries, schools and colleges.

    Support Us

    £ 100.00 /Month

    £100 can provide 10 orphans a day for fun activities, food etc to remember the joyous occasion.

    Charity number: 1178455

    Imam Hussein Charity is a charity organisation to help the people of Karbala and those impoverished shia all over the world. We feel it is our duty and responsibility for us to take care and protect our brothers and sisters in islam. Inspired by the master of martyrs we use Imam Hussein’s (a.s) legacy and his selfless sacrifice as motivation to help the less fortunate. Our main focus is the people of Karbala as the holy city has suffered so much in the last two decades resulting in impoverished families struggling to get out of poverty.     


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