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The Importance Of Charity

On the Day of Judgement, there is an exclusive shade of mercy under the throne of the Creator. It is reserved for those people who provided relief and aid to their distressed brethren – even if it was by simply providing them with a single date – Imam Jaffer Al Sadiq (peace be upon him)

Completed Projects and Reports

In the Name of The Almighty, The Merciful,
Imam Hussein Development and Relief Foundation is proud to update all our esteemed donors and well-wishers on the progress of our winter project:

1. The Launch of the Sadaqa Box Initiative:

We kickstarted the 2019 year with the launch of our Sadaqa Box initiative whereby 50 sadaqa boxes were distributed amongst
well-wishers and supporters.
Over a 60-day period, £900 were collected. These funds are to be used to provide immediate relief to the orphans and widows in Southern Iraq.
You too can be a part of this initiative. Call/email us for more information on how you can receive your Sadaqa Box today.


2. Spread the Warmth Campaign

Through the winter months stretching from December – March, IHDRF launched a campaign to provide winter clothing and heaters to the orphans and widows of Iraq. A total donation of £220
was received and dispatched to Iraq.
A photo-report of the clothes distribution will be published shortly.

We would like to thank all our donors and well-wishers for their continuous support and encouragement. You can continue to make a change in the lives of countless Shia orphans and widows by signing up for a monthly contribution of as less as £5 per month. Sign up today and serve the cause of
Imam al Hussein (S)

The Arbaeen Water Campaign:

Water is the essence of Life. Imam Hussein (peace be upon him and his progeny) together with his pure progeny and blessed companions were martyred thirsty on the plains of Karbala 1400….

Current Events: