National Cultural & Literacy Development Program

An introduction to the project:

The secret to the rise of civilizations, continuous growth and development, and the recipe to creativity and a dynamic society is education.We at the IHC recognize that the path to prosperity and flourishment is through the promotion of the national cultural and literacy development program. Our aim is to fund and build libraries throughout the urban and rural areas of Iraq and provide access to a wide array of literature ranging from arts, philosophy, social sciences, medicine, culture, politics, history and religion. Through this initiative, not only do we actively seek to increase the literacy rates and create a love for seeking knowledge, but we actively work to quench the thirst of millions of people looking to educate themselves and excel as thinkers.Through this initiative we aim to nurture a new generation of intellectual reformers who will not only contribute to the development and wellbeing of Iraq, but the world beyond.

How it works

  • We provide financial aid to enable the purchase of the required books and journals for existing libraries, universities and educational centres.
  • Update and provide new books and literature to add to the existing catalogue within existing libraries
  • Undertake publication and distribution of required literacy materials


You can Help

You can assist in this grand project of building the Iraq of Ameer al Mu`mineen (S) by promoting a culture of reading and education through your valuable contributions. Our current cost price for books on average (costs vary per title)


Shipment Size

Average Cost (£)

A Single Book


1 carton of 5 books


1 carton of 50 books


*price includes an average variable transport cost based on weight and distance (for distribution drives outside of the blessed city of Karbala) and discount on bulk purchases.