Ramadhan Food Basket Appeal

Let us feed the destitute families of Iraq 



Imam Hussein Development and Relief Foundation is running its famous Ramadhan food basket appeal.



  • Previous years we were able to collect and feed thousands of struggling families. 
  • This year we want to provide 10,000 food baskets to the impoverished families of Iraq. 
  • Each basket contains essentials like rice, flour, meat, vegetables, lentils, dried lemons, oil, tea and dates.

Our solution

One basket can feed a family of 4 for upto 10 days and only costs £20 per basket

£60 will feed a family of 4 for the whole of Ramadhan. 

Take advantage of this blessed month, help feed your brothers and sisters in need. 

You can donate via paypal, bank transfer or visit us on www.ihdrf.org for more information. 

Let us feed the destitute families of Iraq