Sadaqa Movement

The “Sadaqa Movement”

Imam Hussein Charity is proud to present the “Sadaqa Movement”. By signing up to one of these charity (Sadaqa) boxes, you can actually change lives through your loose change, pennies and pence. The funds collected from the sadaqa boxes are used to provide groceries for the impoverished families living in and around the blessed city of Karbala. Your Subscription to the Sadaqa Movement represents an affiliation to Imam Hussein`s (S) movement to change humanity for the better, and support the underprivileged.The Sadaqa box is a great and convenient manner in which alms and charity can be given from the comfort of your home as often as you would like.Encourage and nurture your children to adapt the culture of charity by having the Sadaqa Box in your homes.

Repel calamities and attract sustenance through Sadaqa (Charity) If you live in London, IHC will arrange to drop off and collect the sadaqa boxes on your behalf Don’t live in London? Don’t worry! You can sign up to our direct debit/paypal services whereby you can apportion your share of Sadaqa on a daily,weekly or monthly basis Call us or email us now to be a part of “The Sadaqa Movement”