The Empowerment Initiative

The challenge

One of the distinctive characteristics of the United Kingdom is the fact that our societies are vibrantly multi ethnic. However, having said that, a large segment of our youth community – regardless of their different faiths or ethnicities, suffer silently from a number of social challenges hindering their societal, academic and emotional growth. Youth related issues such as mental health, depression, unemployment, gender inequality, domestic violence is often seen as the elephant in the room that nobody is willing to discuss. This results in a large number of people living a life of silent suffering and abuse – hopeless of life and what it has to offer. Additionally, Muslim women have always been viewed as the oppressed gender within the Islamic faith. Inaccurate media reports, misinterpretation of religious text and baseless cultural norms validated by erroneous interpretation of scriptures are but some of the reasons why Muslim women are suppressed, and in many cases oppressed within their homes and their communities.

The Solution

IHC believes that knowledge is the key to empowerment. We recognize the need to address these wide range of issues in a vibrant and innovative manner – in a language that the youth resonate with. By funding the production of, and hosting vibrant talk shows and seminars that are then broadcast globally via IPTV and social media, IHC aims to motivate the youth to overcome these challenges in the best way possible and seek help where necessary. Our vision is to build an active youth community that is not only motivated to overcome every challenge, but to be a model of inspiration for others.