The Food Card initiative

“Eliminating hunger from Iraq one card at a time”

The Food Card initiative

Nature and constraints of delivering food aid in Iraq

  • Usually food aid distribution requires recipients to wait in queues for long hours as aid organizations hand out pre-prepared packages.
  • Often, the food received per handout lasts for only a few days.
  • The recipients have no choice over the type of food that is handed out. Many times, what they receive may NOT be what they need
  • More than often, giving cash for food is not feasible due to the risk of theft, and misuse of funds allocated for food.
  • It is very difficult for a charity to maintain a clear line of transparency when dealing in cash.


The solution

IHC is proud to support the Misbah food Card Initiative.Recipients register their names through an Identification system with our local affiliate Misbah al Hussein Development & Relief Foundation Each recipient then obtains a “Misbah food card” with credit amounts of $20 or $40 These Food cards can then be used to purchase groceries from vendors and supermarkets that we have partnered with. The participating vendors provide up to an extra 10% of grocery value on the card value giving added value to the recipients. At the beginning of each month, recipients can have their food cards renewed with minimum wait times.

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  • An efficient way of delivering food aid by minimizing overhead costs incurred by the charity by way of logistics and distribution of the food packages.
  • Maintaining the dignity and self-esteem of the recipients of food aid. There will be no need to wait in long queues outside the charity premises seeking food.
  • The recipients now have the choice and ability to buy the food items of their desire empowering them to be in better control of the nutritional needs of their families.
  • A great initiative to promote the local economy. Instead of pre-packaged foods being purchased from out of the country or city, this initiative promotes the local economies as participating vendors and supermarkets receive a given amount of income through the purchases made via the food cards.
  • A great initiative to encourage a culture of social welfare. Participating vendors so far, have agreed to top up food card values by an additional 5% worth of groceries to recipients.


Sponsor a monthly Misbah food card today

  • You can play a part in eliminating hunger from the city of Karbala by sponsoring an annual/monthly food card for a family valued at $20. $50 or $75 per month
  • Participate in an act of charity either for yourself, or on behalf of your deceased family members as a form of sadaqa jariyah
  • Corporate Sponsorship: Let your company join hands with some of the greatest firms and entrepreneurs world-wide to support the impoverished citizens of Iraq starting with the Holy Lands of Karbala